Increase revenue, engage customers

What is Splyt

No more holding credit cards or IDs behind the bar. Customers can open and close tabs from their mobile device.
Integrated directly with your POS system.
Convenient and cashless. Eliminates the need to process payments.
Fraud prevention and customers skipping the bill. We guarentee payment!
Put your venue on the map and drive customers to you through campaigns and exclusive promotions.
Use powerful analytics to understand your customers and your business.

Splyt Features

  • Dynamic paperless payment solution – no more wet paper bills or looking for a pen
  • Fully integrated to POS – tabs are opened and closed automatically
  • 1 transaction per Splyt Tab regardless of the number of people attending – save on having to use multiple edc machines and process transactions
  • Increase efficiency – reduce time processing payments and gain more time to serve customers
  • Reduce human error – avoid revenue loss
  • Reduced business risk with pre-approved spending, fraud prevention and guaranteed payment
  • Launch instant promotions – draw new customers to your venue.
  • Creation and management of campaign programs (Geo Fence, targeted, spend threshold, Happy hours and more)
  • Data Analytics – access transaction and revenue information, review your customers spending history and trends to take action on

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